Setting Up the Ultimate Party Sound and Lights System

Setting Up the Ultimate Party Sound and Lights System

Three Advantages Articulating Borescopes Have Over Rigid Borescopes

Sarah Gray

Borescopes help you see into places where you cannot go yourself and allow you to see into these places without completely disassembling or dissecting something before peering inside it. There are two main types of borescopes--rigid and articulating. Here are three advantages articulating borescopes have over rigid borescopes.

The Articulating Head Can Almost Completely Invert Itself

An articulating borescope has a lighted camera head that is able to almost completely invert itself. What this means for you is that if you guide the borescope through a tiny opening, you can flip the head almost all the way backwards and look at the component or pipe opening the scope just snaked through. This gives you a view of the opposite side of something that you could not have seen with a rigid borescope-- unless you came at the same object or opening from the opposite side/end of the pipe or component you are attempting to view.

The Articulating Scope Can Maneuver Through Tight Angles and Spaces

If you use the scope to view into pipes and tight spaces that are ninety degrees or less, the articulating scope can easily maneuver and bend around these tight corners and spaces. A rigid scope does not have that kind of flexibility. You would find that many areas you want and need to explore would be left untouched with a rigid scope because it just will not fit, flex or bend into these spaces. The scoping procedure conducted with an articulating scope is more thorough and complete just because of its ability to twist, turn, bend and squeeze through some of the smallest openings you might encounter during your investigations.

The Light on the Articulating Scope Is Unaffected by the Bending Scope Head

The light on a rigid scope is wired differently because there is little need for the light to focus on anything else but what is straight ahead. At times, this may mean that the light on a rigid scope may break, or not be as bright. On an articulating scope, the wiring of the light moves, stretches and bends with the scope's head. The light may also be brighter and last longer because there is little concern for the wiring to break or become damaged. Since most of the work you need to do with a borescope requires consistent bright light, and because the light on the articulating borescope is often unaffected by the bending scope head, this feature makes it an even better option to use than the rigid scope.


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