Setting Up the Ultimate Party Sound and Lights System

Setting Up the Ultimate Party Sound and Lights System

Provide Karaoke Participants with a Variety of Services

Sarah Gray

If you are a disc jockey and have recently purchased a karaoke speaker bundle, including several speakers, sub woofers, and a trio of microphones and plan on offering your karaoke services to the patrons who frequent the local pub across town, chances are you would like to make a good impression on your clientele and provide them with a viable way to demonstrate to their peers how well they can sing. Use the tips below to assist with providing participants with the services they desire. 

Provide Plenty of Song Options & Sign Up Slips

If you are going to be digitally recording music for singers to follow along to, it is important to acquire a diverse collection of tunes so that you can appease people from all walks of life. The last thing you will want to encounter is a guest to ask you for a popular hit and being forced to turn them away because you cannot play the song they had in mind.

Take your time selecting music and use top 10 charts and local media to help you compile your selections. Make a sheet of sign up slips and photocopy it so that you have plenty of slips on hand. As people turn in their slips, keep the papers in order so that you can call upon each person in the order that you received the slips. 

Allow Singers to Perform Duets or Trios While Seated

After installing your karaoke equipment in the pub, perform a sound check so that you are reassured that the speakers, sub woofers, and microphones are hooked up properly. Place a few stools in front of your karaoke station so that participants have the option of sitting down while singing if they prefer. If people would like to sing a duet or trio, they will be pleasantly surprised to see that you have enough equipment on hand to accommodate them.

The stools may help singers relax and perform their best, especially if some of the singers have never performed in front of a live audience before. Keep the microphones in holders while not in use so that they do not accidentally fall onto the floor and break. 

Award Singers With Prizes

Prior to beginning each karaoke session, announce that you will be awarding some singers with prizes if you feel that they performed in an exemplary manner. T-shirts, hats, sunglasses, or small trophies are some inexpensive items that you can purchase and give to participants. People may be excited when they learn that prizes will be offered and this may encourage more people to participate in each karaoke session. 


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Setting Up the Ultimate Party Sound and Lights System

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